Veronika Rose Art

it always seems impossible until its done
Results Oriented Services
Let us help you setup your training program with our results-oriented services
Think of personal training in a group setting. Classes range from Weight Training, Basketball Training, to Skills & Development.
Boot Camp
A family friendly environment that helps your obtain your goals while providing modified movements for each workout. You won’t want to miss this!
Speed & Agility
No matter what sport you play, speed, agility and your first step is going to have to be to your advantage. With specialized workouts for each client, your going to leave to competition in your rear view.
Basketball Training
Teaching the fundamentals, enhancing your IQ, strengthening your weaknesses is something I pride myself on. This will not be for show, you will learn how to score at all three levels, and increase your minutes on the court.
Designed & Developed by Spencer Conner
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